Welcome to the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, an institution that has committed itself to providing the best education and performing the best research in Thailand. We join the national effort to make Thailand a knowledge-based society, by promoting human resource development in Thailand and the Asian-Pacific region.Through the leadership of our previous deans, especially the late Prof. Stang Mongkolsuk (the founding dean), Prof. Kamchorn Manunapichu, Dr. Pairoj Prempree, Prof. Stitaya Sirisinha, Prof. Pornchai Matangkasombut, Prof. Prasert Sobhon, and Prof. Amaret Bhumiratana, the Faculty of Science has developed into one of the best educational institutions in the country. We will strive to maintain our excellence in teaching to future generations of Thai people and to perform research of international quality, as a foundation for the development of the nation.

      The Faculty works to assure that both undergraduate and postgraduate education programs provide graduates with the tools and capabilities for making useful contributions to society, as they embark on their life-long learning process. To encourage interest in science, the Faculty reaches out to high school students with various programs such as the "Science Lecture" series, joint programs with various high schools, and the "Sritrang Tong" scholarship program. These programs encourage students interested in science to study for higher degrees and become the scientists of the future. The programs have succeeded in bringing the best students to the Faculty of Science each year. Our staff also reaches out to society to provide the industrial sector and the general public with the latest knowledge and technologies gained through our highly competent research programs. These programs have been successful, because the Faculty has constantly provided the best possible atmosphere for staff to excel in both teaching and research. With its past achievements, its present accomplishments, and its strong commitment, we believe that the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University will remain a beacon of science in the knowledge-based Thai society.

      I would like to invite everyone to visit this website and discover more about Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. For those who wish to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or come for a visit. Our doors and windows are always open to welcome you all.


Thank you,

(Associate Professor Sittiwat Lertsiri)
Dean, Faculty of Science