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International Journal Publications : Year 1971

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  1. Bhanthumnavin K, McGarry MG. Wolffia arrhiza as a possible source of inexpensive protein. Nature 1971;232(5311):495. (Letter)
    (Department = Biology)

  2. Chaiarch P, Leitch GJ. Spinal shock and strychnine convulsions in intact and spinal amphibians and reptiles. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 1971;38(1):175-81.
    (Department = Physiology)

  3. Leitch GJ. Regional variations in the composition of purified brush borders isolated from infant and adult rabbit small intestine. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 1971;79(2):279-86.
    (Department = Physiology)

  4. Kennedy BL, Nookhwun C, Sadavongvivad C, Tanchajja S. Inotropic actions of lignocaine and phenytoin. British Journal of Pharmacology 1971;43(3):483-96.
    (Department = Pharmacology)

  5. Narindrasorasak S, Pimpa P, Lakshmanan MR. The conversion of retinyl methyl ether into retinol in the rat in vivo. Biochem J 1971;122:427-31.
    (Department = Biochemistry)

  6. Sirisinha S, Charupatana C. Antibodies to indigenous bacteria in human serum, secretions, and urine. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 1971;17(11):1471-3.
    (Department = Microbiology)

  7. Thepsuparungsikul V, Seng L, Bailey GB. Differentiation of entamoeba: encystation of E. invadens in monoxenic and axenic cultures. J Parasitol 1971;57:1288-92.
    (Department = Biochemistry)