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  1. Bailey GB, Chotamangsa O, Vuttivej K. Control of pyridoxal phosphate reaction specificity studied with alpha-dialkylamino acid transaminase. Biochemistry 1970:9(16):3243-8.
    (Department = Biochemistry)

  2. Baimai V. Chromosomal polymorphism in Drosophila birchii. Journal of Heredity 1970;61(1):23-34.
    (Department = Biology)

  3. Baimai V. Drosophila pseudomayri, a new species from new guinea (Diptera: Drophilidae). Pacific Insects 1970;12(1):21-23.
    (Department = Biology)

  4. Pongsakorn S, Leitch GJ, Moore WW. Electrical activity across the developing rabbit ileum in vitro. Experientia 1970;26(7):739-40.
    (Department = Physiology)

  5. Tanphaichitr V, Vimokesant SL, Dhanamitta S, Valyasevi A. Clinical and biochemical studies of adult beriberi. Amer J Clin Nutr 1970;23:1017-26.
    (Department = Biochemistry)