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  1. Falshaw CP, Ollis WD, Ormand KL, Mongkolsuk S, Podimuang V. The spectroscopic identification of coniferin. Phytochemistry 1969;8:913-5.
    (Department = Chemistry)

  2. Goodman DS, Olson JA. The conversion of all trans beta-carotene into retinal. Methods Enzymol 1969;15:462-75.
    (Department = Biochemistry)

  3. Olson JA. The alpha and the omega of vitamin A metabolism. Amer J Clin Nutr 1969;22(7):953-62.
    (Department = Biochemistry)

  4. Olson JA. Recent developments in the fat-soluble vitamins. Metabolism and function of vitamin A. Federation Proceedings 1969;28(5):1670-7. (Review)
    (Department = Biochemistry)

  5. Vimokesant SL, Khuankong J, Whitaker J, Mitrakul C Modern role of vitamin E in human nutritiion. J Med Assoc Thai 1969;25:82-91.
    (Department = Biochemistry)