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  1. Boonthaworn K, Hengphasatporn K, Shigeta Y, Chavasiri W, Rungrotmongkol T*, Ounjai P*. In silico screening of chalcones and flavonoids as potential inhibitors against yellow head virus 3C-like protease. PeerJ 2023;11:e15086.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  3. Boonyaves K, Ang MC, Park M, Cui J, Khong DT, Singh GP, Koman VB, Gong X, Porter TK, Choi SW, Chung K, Chua NH, Urano D, Strano MS. Near-infrared fluorescent carbon nanotube sensors for the plant hormone family Gibberellins. Nano Lett 2023 Feb;23(3):916-24.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article
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  5. Chankaew S*, Chunta S, Baimai V, Kiriratnikom S. Effect of physico-chemical conditions on the phytoplankton community in the Sago Palm Wetlands, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, the Peninsular East Coast of Thailand. Int J Agric Technol 2023 Mar;19(2):421-34.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  7. Chusuth P, Raksat P, Hannongbua S, Wangkanont K*, Ounjai P*, Rungrotmongkol T*. Expression and purification of human alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor extracellular domain in Pichia pastoris. ScienceAsia 2023;49(1):8-14.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article
  9. Hanpaibool C, Ngamwongsatit N, Ounjai P, Yotphan S, Wolschann P, Mulholland AJ, Spencer J*, Rungrotmongkol T*. Pyrazolones potentiate colistin activity against MCR-1-producing resistant bacteria: Computational and microbiological study. ACS Omega 2023 Mar;8(9):8366-76.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  11. Kantaputra P*, Daroontum T, Chuamanochan M, Chaowattanapanit S, Kiratikanon S, Choonhakarn C, Intachai W, Olsen B, Tongsima S, Ngamphiw C, Pontisso P, Cox TC, Ounjai P. SERPINB3, adult-onset immunodeficiency, and generalized pustular psoriasis. Genes 2023 Feb;14(2):266.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  13. Manan A, Roytrakul S, Charoenlappanit S, Poolpak T, Ounjai P, Kruatrachue M, Yang KM, Pokethitiyook P*. Glyphosate metabolism in Tetrahymena thermophila: A shotgun proteomic analysis approach. Environ Toxicol 2023 Mar-Apr;38(4):867-82.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article
  15. Pakdee O, Tshering S, Pokethitiyook P, Meetam M*. Examination of the metallothionein gene family in greater duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza. Plants 2023 Jan;12(1):125.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  17. Phromkerd W*, Chunta S, Baimai V, Kiriratnikom S. Diversity and utilization of indigenous up land rice varieties in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand. Int J Agric Technol 2023 Jan;19(1):215-28.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  19. Ratnarathorn N*, Nadolski B, Sumontha M, Hauser S, Suntrarachun S, Khunsap S, Laoungbua P, Radcliffe CA, Vasaruchapong T, Tawan T, Chanhome L*. An expanded description, natural history, and genetic variation of the recently described cobra species Naja fuxi Shi et al., 2022. Vertebr Zool 2023;73:257-76.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  21. Saengwilai PJ, Bootti P, Klinnawee L*. Responses of rubber tree seedlings (Hevea brasiliensis) to phosphorus deficient soils. Soil Sci Plant Nutr 2023;69(2):78-87.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article
  23. Schneider HM, Lor VS, Zhang X, Saengwilai P, Hanlon MT, Klein SP, Davis JL, Borkar AN, Depew CL, Bennett MJ, Kaeppler SM, Brown KM, Bhosale R, Lynch JP*. Transcription factor bHLH121 regulates root cortical aerenchyma formation in maize. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2023 Mar;120(12):e2219668120.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Hybrid OA
  25. Sleptsov Y, Ktitorov P, Round PD, Heim W*. Autumn migration tracks of Helopsaltes grasshopper-warblers from Northeast Asia support recent taxonomic assignments. Ecol Evol 2023 Mar;13(3):e9932.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  27. Sonthiphand P*, Termsaithong T, Mhuantong W, Van Muoi L, Chotpantarat S. Structure of the river sediment microbiomes impacted by anthropogenic land uses, environmental and spatial variations. Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 2023 Jul;287:108348.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article
  29. Sukphokkit S, Kiatwuthinon P, Kumkate S, Janvilisri T*. Distinct cholangiocarcinoma cell migration in 2D monolayer and 3D spheroid culture based on galectin-3 expression and localization. Front Oncol 2023 Jan;12:999158.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  31. Suttidate N*, Pidgeon AM, Hobi ML, Round PD, Dubinin M, Radeloff VC. The effects of habitat heterogeneity, as measured by satellite image texture, on tropical forest bird distributions. Biol Conserv 2023 May;281:110002.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article
  33. Tongkerd P, Tumpeesuwan S, Inkhavilay K, Prasankok P, Jeratthitikul E, Panha S*, Sutcharit C*. Systematic revision of the snorkel snail genus Rhiostoma Benson, 1860 (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoridae) with descriptions of new species. ZooKeys 2023;2023(1142):1-144.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  35. Wanichthanarak K, Nookaew I, Pasookhush P, Wongsurawat T, Jenjaroenpun P, Leeratsuwan N, Wattanachaisaereekul S, Visessanguan W, Sirivatanauksorn Y, Nuntasaen N, Kuhakarn C, Reutrakul V, Ajawatanawong P*, Khoomrung S*. Revisiting chloroplast genomic landscape and annotation towards comparative chloroplast genomes of Rhamnaceae. BMC Plant Biol 2023 Jan;23(1):59.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA
  37. Wannigama DL*, Amarasiri M, Hongsing P, Hurst C, Modchang C, Chadsuthi S, Anupong S, Phattharapornjaroen P, S.M AHR, Fernandez S, Huang AT, Kueakulpattana N, Tanasatitchai C, Vatanaprasan P, Saethang T, Luk-in S, Storer RJ, Ounjai P, Ragupathi NKD, Kanthawee P, Sano D, Furukawa T, Sei K, Leelahavanichkul A, Kanjanabuch T, Hirankarn N, Higgins PG, Kicic A, Chatsuwan T*, McLellan AD, Abe S. Multiple traces of monkeypox detected in non-sewered wastewater with sparse sampling from a densely populated metropolitan area in Asia. Sci Total Environ 2023 Feb;858:159816.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Hybrid OA
  39. Weerachatyanukul W*, Kiatmetha P, Raksat P, Boonkua S, Thongsum O, Jariyapong P, Chotwiwatthanakun C, Ounjai P, Metlagel Z. Viral capsid change upon encapsulation of double-stranded DNA into an infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus-like particle. Viruses 2023 Jan;15(1):110.
    Source Type: Journals / Doc.Type: Article Gold OA

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