Faculty of Science, Mahidol University's Awards


Assist Prof. Dr. Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
Thailand Young Scientist Award Year 2001


Dr. Teerakiat Kerdcharoen has an expertise in nanoscale theory, modeling and simulation. This strategic scientific discipline is presently of central interest among industrial nations due to its enabling role to nanotechnology. His research covers development of methodology and algorithm, writing computer codes, building high-performance computational facilities and application of these tools to nanosystems. Recent applications are nano-dot (i.e. bucky ball), nano-wire (i.e. carbon nanotube and conducting polymer), molecular electronics, soft-condensed matters and model of coordination in protein. In collaboration with Professor Keiji Morokuma, he has developed a new combined quantum mechanical / molecular mechanical method capable of handling particle exchange between subsystems. The new method named ONIOM-XSOL extends the capability of the well-known ONIOM method (which is developed by professer Morokuma and has become standard tool in most molecular modeling softwares) to cope with dynamical systems.


Dr. Kerdcharoen works in a nanotechnology research group formed with Dr. Tanakorn Osotchan, Dr. Toemsak Srikhirin and Dr. Udom Robkob. Therefore, the team can enjoy integration of expertise from theoretical, computational and experimental areas, which is important for delivering real-world engineering applications.