RTEC Research

   RTEC carry out basic research to generate scientific knowledge which will be applied to improve existing rubber technology or to develop new technology and innovation for the benefits of the rubber industry. RTEC research encompasses chemistry, physics and engineering of rubbers.

1. Natural Rubber Composites

  • Particulate NR composites
  • Fibrous NR composites
  • Layer NR composites

2. Natural Rubber Latex Technology Innovation

  • Natural Rubber Latex for Medical Supplies
  • Customised Viscoelastic Foams for Health and Rehabilitation

3. Tyres

  • Solid tyres/ Non-pneumatic tyres
  • Tyre Testing

4. Circular Rubber Technology Innovation

  • Utilisation of Rubber Wastes
  • Rubber Powder

5. Innovation and Characterisation for Rubber, Rubber Chemicals, Rubber Products

  • Processing Properties of Rubber

6. Medical Rubber Devices and Healthcare


Research Output

Rubber Thesis (Mahidol University)