About RTEC

Rubber Technology Research Centre (RTEC) was established by Mahidol University attached to the Faculty of Science on 1 December 2012, to be an international centre of excellence in rubber science and technology.


To be a leading rubber research and service centre in Thailand.


  1. Research and development to produce applicable rubber knowledge, technology and innovation.
  2. Develop extertise in rubber science and technology.
  3. Transfer knowledge and technology to industry in order to support development of the rubber industry.

RTEC Culture

R - Responsibility   Work responsibly. Self responsibility.
T - Teamwork   Work together. Support one another.
E - Expertise   Work to develop expertise.
C - Creativity   Work creatively. Aim to do good and useful work.

Operation Units

RTEC consists of 5 operation units which work together in order to achieve the mission targets.
  1. Research Unit
  2. Service Unit
  3. Administration Unit
  4. Information and Communications Unit
  5. Tyre Testing Laboratory


1. Head of RTEC

   Dr. Chakrit Sirisinha

2. RTEC Adviser

   Dr. Krisda Suchiva

3. Research Unit

3.1 Researcher
  1. Dr. Adun Nimpaiboon
  2. Dr. Chakrit Sirisinha
  3. Dr. Krisda Suchiva
  4. Dr. Manus Sriring
  5. Dr. Sombat Thanawan
  6. Dr. Supa Wirasate

3.2 Research Assistants

  1. Ms. Kattareen Boonchuay
  2. Mr. Prin Tumwised
  3. Mr. Sira Meesaringkarn
  4. Mr. Tithipan Watcharakan

4. Service Unit

  • Rubber Analysis and Testing

  1. Ms. Khwanjai Anujarawat
  2. Ms. Anongnat Sitharat
  3. Ms. Atcharaporn Kahom
  4. Ms. Jiraporn Pekkrasung
  5. Mr. Supat Charoensilp

  • Education and Training

  1. Ms. Tippawan Kowitteerawut
  2. Ms. Ubon Poumpon

  • Consulting Service

  1. Dr. Krisda Suchiva
  2. Dr. Chakrit Sirisinha

  • Research and Development

  1. Dr. Krisda Suchiva
  2. Dr. Chakrit Sirisinha

5. Administration Unit

  • General Administration

  1. Mrs. Mallika Krasaesin
  2. Ms. Pornpimol Morakul

  • Laboratory Management

  1. Dr. Krisda Suchiva
  2. Dr. Chakrit Sirisinha
  3. Mr. Tasanai Boonkerdrattanasakull
  4. Ms. Tippawan Kowitteerawut

6. Information and Communications Unit

  • Rubber Information

  1. Ms. Daranee Charoensuk
  2. Ms. Chinarat Larpphoonthana-anan

  • Rubber Industry Information

  1. Ms. Nittranant Saingam

  • Public Relations

  1. Ms. Ubon Poumpon