Mahidol University

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Guidebook For International Students & Staff

Our promises are too modest to accommodate such information that may be necessary for you to spend your happy stay in Thailand. Inside, you will find information such as Facts & Figures of the faculty and university, map, the accommodation places, hotel, hospital, embassy, visa, work permit, important phone numbers, etc. We hope, nevertheless, that you will all be able to find the opportunity in the coming weeks or months to call in at our office and it will truly be our great appreciation for any of assistance we can do for you. We wish for you an enjoyable and productive stay in our beautiful capital city. We can promise you, with confidence a warm and sunny sojourn with us. A warm welcome to all of you to Faculty of Science, Mahidol University,


Map of Bangkok Employment Office Area 10

Since Janurary 16, 2020. MUSC foreign employees must submit their Work Permit applications to the Department of Employment at Bangkok Employment Office Area 10.

Guidebook For International Students & Staff