Mahidol University

Faculty of Science

International Cooperation Division

Inbound Students

Faculty of Science, Mahidol University welcomes international undergraduate and postgraduate students from our partner and non-partner universities to study at MUSC as Exchange students for a fixed period, from one semester up to one academic year. MUSC is a comprehensive faculty, offering Thai B.Sc. programs in seven disciplines, namely Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Plant Science, and Physics, as well as, B.Sc. double degree programs in six disciplines, namely, Actuarial Science, Industrial Mathematics and Data Science, Biomedical Science, Bioresources and Environmental Biology, Materials Science and Nanoengineering, and Bioinnovation. MUSC also has very strong, well-established international graduate programs, 34 programs at the Master's level and 17 programs at the Ph.D. level, in various scientific disciplines.

EExchange activities are normally based on an agreement to waive tuition fees. However, students are usually responsible for all other costs, including travel and visa expenses, accommodation and living expenses. To apply for the exchange program, you contact the International Cooperation Office at or relevant units at MUSC.

Number of Inbound Students (2016-2019)