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December 6th, 2023


Time: 02:00 pm.-04:00 pm. K642 room

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November 24th, 2023

“Training & Workshop Field Rotor Inspection Program (FRIP) & how to use Ultracentrifuge” 

Time: 08:45 am.-12:00 pm. K642 and K647 room

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November 16th, 2023

“New Innovations of Sapphire FL Technology” Seminar & Workshop

Time: 09:00 am.-16:00 pm. K102 room

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September 1st, 2023

“Fluorescence spectroscopy and Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy” Training

Time: 08:45 am. – 04:00 pm. K642 (Lect.) and K647 (Lab) room

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March 23rd, 2023

“Advances technology of Nano particle tracking analyzer (NTA)” Training

Time: 09:00 am. – 04:00 pm. K642 (Lect.) and K652 (Lab) room

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