User Instruction


:: CIF User’s Handbook:: Flowchart

Work hour : 9.00 – 17.00 hr on Monday – Friday. Lunch time: 12.00 – 13.00 hr. Close on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday.

Instrument reservation must be done during 9.00 – 16.00 hr at least one work day in advance.

The key can be lent to members of Faculty of Science who are authorized to use the instrument after the work hours. Borrow and return hour: 9.00 hr – 16.00 hr. In case of late return, a user might be suspended for 2 months of lending.

A new user must register as a CIF member and be submitted for risk assessment prior to service by filling out the online form at the ESPReL menu bar . For faculty of sciene, Mahidol University, please online booking registration at For external user, please contract tel.02-201-5973.

CIF custodians will demonstrate how to use the instrument to the new users. They are required to attend such demonstration. An appointment must be made one day in advance. Users must review principles and reference methods of the instrument used prior to access of any instrument. Members of Faculty of science, Mahidol University can borrow instrument handbooks for one week.

The users must carefully operate the instruments and be responsible for any damage occurs during their usage. Any damage and loss associated with overfill of purified water will be charged.

The users must fill in a Log book and Service form for any instrument rental and purified water purchased. The user who fails to complete the Log book or Service form will be suspended for the whole services CIF provides. CIF will correct such Log book or Service form without notice.

Users must prepare their own lab accessory to conduct their experiment. The one who requires special accessory for the instrument used, has to fill in Borrow form and return the borrowed items on time.

CIF custodians support trouble shooting related to the instruments during office hours. The users who use the instrument after office hours must be fully responsible for any damage occurs during their experimentation in CIF.

Payment can be done as follow:
1)     Payment via Mobile Banking : Saving Account Siam Commercial Bank, Siriraj Branch
Account no. 016-2-10322-3 Account name “Mahidol University”.
2)     Payment via counters : Current Account Siam Commercial Bank, Siriraj Branch
Account no. 016-3-00325-6 Account name “Mahidol University”.
3)     Payment via PromptPay at room no. K629.
4)     Transfer to Current account No. 016-3-00325-6 “Mahidol University, Siam Commercial Bank, Siriraj branch”.

Food and beverage are prohibited in CIF laboratory room.

Users should ware appropriate clothes and do not disturb other users.

CIF has no responsibility for treatment of waste produced. The users must be responsible to bring their waste back for the treatment at their laboratory.

CIF maintains the right to stop providing services to the users who violate the rules of CIF.

Thank you for your cooperation.