CIF online booking system.


CIF Online Booking Rule

  1. CIF online booking provides service to staff and students of faculty of science, Mahidol University only.
  2. Before booking instrument, users should pass instrument training from CIF’s staff. Users can register at:
  3. Users must operate instruments in compliance with CIF’s rules.
  4. Booking time must be done at least 24 hr of working day before using the instrument and booking should not continue for more than 3 day/time.
  5. CIF staff will only confirm the booking requisition during working hours only.
  6. Instrument booking must be done by a user who will operate the instrument. If another person is found to use the instrument, both users will be suspended from using the instrument for one semester.
  7. In case that a user would like to cancel instrument booking, he/she must inform CIF staff about the cancellation at least 2 hr before the booked period. CIF staff can be reached at 02-201-5973. The user must also fill an online booking canceling form at K629 room.
  8. A user who does not show up at the booked period without written explanation or reasonable cause, the fine will be charged 100 baht/time. If the same action happens more than 3 times, the user right to use instruments at CIF will be suspended for one semester.
  9. In case of using instrument after working hours, please borrow a lab key at CIF office K629 during 9.00-11.45 am of the working day.
  10. Any accessories for instrument must be borrowed from CIF during working hours and before the booked period.

Thank you for your cooperation.