Services and Fees

Services and Fees        ( Click here for Price list )

  • Design research and protocol service

  • Training services

    1. The basic techniques for researcher to handle laboratory animal

    2. Anesthesia and Euthanasia method following the AVMA guideline for laboratory animals

    3. Ovariectomy in rats and mice

    4. Castration in rats and mice

    5. Laparotomy in rats and mice

  • Animal housing services

    1. Laboratory animal housing in SHC (strict hygienic conventional) system

    2. Laboratory animal housing in SPF (specific pathogen-free) - IVC system

    3. Laboratory animal housing in ABSL2

    4. Special care for diseased laboratory animal model eg. (Diabetes)

    5. Metabolic cage

    6. Animal housing space rental fee

  • Medical or substances Administration route

    1. Gavage

    2. Subcutaneous injection

    3. Intramuscular injection

    4. Intravenous injection

    5. Intraperitoneal injection

  • Anesthesia and Euthanasia

    1. Anesthesia laboratory animal with injection drug

    2. Anesthesia laboratory animal with Isoflurane

    3. Euthanasia laboratory animal with overdose injection drug

    4. Euthanasia laboratory animal with Co2

  • Sampling

    1. Blood collection

    2. Necropsy and tissue collection

  • Laboratory space rental fee

    1. Laboratory room 216

    2. Laboratory room 316