Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

Faculty of Science, Mahidol University (MUSC) is committed to the humane care and use of animals in research, testing and teaching.

In support of this commitment, the MUSC is also committed to maintaining accreditation by the AAALAC International and compliance with all appropriate governmental laws, regulations and policies.

All policies and guidelines are listed as follow (click directly on each title to read).

1. Animal Use Policy

2. Animal Welfare Concern

3. Education and Training

4. Provision of Feed and Water

5. Humane Experimental Endpoints

6. Post Approval Monitoring

7. Social Housing of Animals

8. Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Substances

9. Field and Wildlife Studies

10. Collaboration Involving the Use of Animals

11. Animal Re-use

12. Environmental Enrichment

13. Physical Restraint of Animals

14. Multiple Survival Surgeries

15. Major and Minor Modifications